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Collaboration異業合作 Collaboration異業合作
We sincerely welcome cross-industry cooperation.
Create new perspectives with D+AF.

/ Brand collboration /

Co-branding / Crossover Gift Cooperation / Advertising Cooperation /
Event Marketing / Product Marketing

/ Cross-industry cooperation /

Shooting cooperation with clothing,
beauty and make-up.

Media inquiry for TV programs,
commercials, dramas,
music videos,
and magazine or plane photography.

Media inquiry for artistes, KOL,
and event attendance
of blogger
or commercial shooting.

/ Facility rental of store /

We provide the venue rental for filming, events, brand crossover collaboration, and art exhibition. 「VIP Lounge」at the 3rd floor of D+AF Nanjing is available for rent.

/ Dressing partner /

Post on Instagram and using the hashtag #dafshoes. You will have the opportunity to become a D+AF dressing partner and we will contact you if there is an opportunity to work with you.

Please provide your proposal and related information
to email:,
and we will contact you as soon as possible.