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Taiwan Domestic Return Policy

Return Policy

※Customers can only return the products but not exchange. The product can be returned within the 7-day appreciation period, which is counted from the day customers receive the package. The product should be kept unworn and include all original tags and packaging.

  • 1. Appreciation period:For store pick-up: starts from the date of the parcel being picked-up at 7-11. For Heimao home delivery/T-cat: starting from the first day the customers receive the parcel. Please return the products within these 7 days otherwise your return will not be accepted.

  • 2. After the parcel is being picked up, the system will update the status of the order. If the [return] button does not appear, please log in to the member account in the next 24hours after the parcel is picked up.

  • 3. If the amount of the original order does not meet the free shipping threshold or the coupon usage condition after the return, the shipping fee of NTD100 or the discount amount of the original order will be deducted from the refund of return.

  • 4. Each order only provides one free return service, if the same order is returned more than two times, each additional NTD100 shipping fee, if the return package does not match the return details, the return will not be accepted, please pay attention to the product items when applying for the return.

  • 5. If both in-stock and pre-order products are in the same order, the in-stock products will be split and shipped first, the pre-order shoe will be shipped later on according to the estimated shipping date shown on the website. The appreciation period will start from the first day the customers receiving the parcel. For the return of the ready-stock received first: Please log in to your member account if you would like to apply for a return.For the return of the pre-ordered items received later: please contact our customer service to apply for a return via LINE message.

  • 6. After we receive the returned parcel and make sure there is no damage or worn traces on the shoes, we will proceed with the refund.


※ Please note that returns cannot be processed under the following conditions:

  • 1. The 7-day cooling-off period has expired.

  • 2. The product has obvious signs of use, such as worn soles, dirty uppers, shaped toe caps, or attached shoe materials; deformation, discoloration, or other obvious human-caused damages to the bags, etc.

  • 3. The product and packaging must remain intact. Returns cannot be processed if accessories (hardware, decorations, straps, etc.), shoe boxes, dust bags, related packaging materials, or giveaways are missing.

  • 4. Do not stick the shipping label directly on the shoe box. If the shoe box is damaged due to inadequate packaging, the buyer will be charged an additional fee of NT$50-100 for the shoe box.

  • 5. If the product condition does not meet the return criteria or is not part of the return order, the buyer should afford the cost of reshipping.


※ Reminder: Frequent returns or non-compliance with related regulations will result in being blacklisted. D+AF reserves the right to delete member accounts.


Product Care Instructions:

  • 1. For leather cleaning, it is recommended to wipe with water or use a leather-specific maintenance lotion. Avoid contact with alcohol or other chemical solvents, and do not soak in water for cleaning, as this may cause irreversible discoloration or peeling of the edges.

  • 2. Store the product in a cool place and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

  • 3. Minor scratches and oxidation from air exposure on metal products are normal due to the intricate manufacturing process.


Return procedure

• Domestic Return

  • Enter [Orders/Inquiries/Return] → click [Return] → select return method

  • ※ The system will automatically determine the return method based on the dimension of the returned parcel. If the dimension exceeds the size limited by 7-11, the only way you can return the parcel is by choosing home collection service.

Return the parcel using Heimao/T-cat Home Delivery service Return the parcel using 7-11 service

1. Fill in the pick-up information.


2. Please place the shoes in the original shoe box and ship the shoe box with a shipping box or wrap with bag to avoid damage.


3. HCT Logistics will collect the returned goods within 3 to 5 working days.


※ In case of national holidays, home delivery pickup time will be extended to 5-7 working days.

1. Please get your 7-11 returning number when applying for a return on the website and return the parcel to the selected 7-11 store within 3 days after the return application.


2. Please pack the product by using a bag or box, make sure that the volume does not exceed the limit of 45*30*30, the longest side should NOT exceed 45cm and weigh more than 5kg.


3. Please proceed with the return using 7-11 ibon machine
→Fill in the returning number and print out「Parcel-delivery form」
→Give the parcel and the form to the cashier


※ Please proceed with the return within 3 days starting from the next day of the 7-11 return application.
Please note that if the parcel is not returned within the time limit, your return application will be canceled and would not be provided again.


• 7-11 Return Procedures

Login to your member account and apply for return,
copy [returning number]
Return the parcel to 7-11 store within 3 days, fill in the [return code returning number]
on ibon machine and print out [Parcel-delivery form]
Kindly paste the "7-11 Delivery Service Note" on the outer packaging of the returning product.
Pass the parcel to the cashier.

• 7-11 ibon操作流程

STEP.1 Select [購物/寄貨]
on the ibon machine

STEP.2 Select[交便貨]

STEP.3 Select[退貨]

STEP.4 Select[退貨便代碼]


STEP.5 After printing out the "7-11 Delivery Service Note", paste it on the outer packaging of the returning product.



Off-shore islands Return

• The Delivery method using home delivery

  • When you are doing the return , you will need to send it back to us and bear the shipping cost. Please call or leave a message for customer service to help you apply for a return.

  • Please fill in the following information when sending the product back.
    Attn: Chenxi Fashion(D+AF) - Customer Service Team
    Address: 2F, No. 176, Jiankang Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City 235, Taiwan
    Tel: 02-7731-5269

  • ※ Please do not use the cash on delivery shipping method as contents will be rejected due to uncertainty.


• The delivery method using 7-11

  • Please follow the above 7-11 return instructions and return the product to 7-11 within three days from the day after the return request.


How will the account credits be reinstated after the return process?

• Account Credit Balance

  • Once the return process is completed, D+AF system will reinstate the credit points to your member account, and a notification will be sent via email. Please feel free to visit "My Account→Account Credit Balance" to check your balance.


• Gift Credit Balance

  • Once the return process is completed, D+AF system will reinstate the credit points to your member account. The gift credits are effective immediately once they have been reinstated. If the reinstated credits are expired by the time, D+AF system will extend the effective date for 7 more days. For further credit information, please feel free to visit "My Account→Gift Credit Balance" for more detailed information.


How will the refund be calculated if the returned order has applied a promotional code?

  • If the remaining item(s) from the returned order cannot use the discount code or promotional event, D+AF shall deduct the difference in price when calculating the refund.


Refund procedure & time

※ After the returned parcel is approved for refund, we will proceed with the refund around 14~21 working days.

• Credit card payment refund

  • D+AF offers a direct refund to the original payment card. Refund may be listed on this month or next month's credit card statement (based on credit card payment closing date).


• Convenient Store pick-up or ATM

  • D+AF offers a direct refund to the Account Credit Balance, and it will be applied directly on your next order. There's no expiry date for account credit balance, please visit "Member→Account Credit Balance" to check your balance.

  • If you would like to get the refund in cash, please refer to the procedure of credit balance account settlement.。


Account Credit Balance

• About account credit balance

  • D+AF offers a direct refund to the Account Credit Balance for customers who paid in cash by ATM or store pick-up, the credit balance can be used for the next purchase, there will be no expiry date for using this balance.


• How to use Account Credit Balance?

  • 1.Full amount discount (apply automatically by system).

  • 2.Can be used with other discounts.


• How will the account credits be reinstated after the return process?

  • Once the return process is completed, D+AF system will reinstate the credit points to your member account and a notification will be sent via email, please feel free to visit "Member→Account Credit Balance" to check your balance.


• How to check Account Credit Balance

  • For PC version: Visit "My Account→Account Credit Balance" to check your balance.

  • For Mobile version: Visit "My Account→Account Credit" to check your balance.

  • ※ 【Account Credit】is considered as personal privacy information, please do not lend, transfer or share with others and should not be revealed in any circumstances.

  • ※ D+AF reserves the right to change, modify or terminate the use of this online account at any time. Any changes and updates will be announced online without further notice.。


• Account Credit balance settlement

  • 1. For PC version: Login to "My Account→Account Credit Balance", select [Refund].

  •     For Mobile version: Login to "My Account→Account Credit", select [Refund].

  • 2. Fill in the information for refund.

  • 3. It will take 7 working days (excluding holidays) to remit the balance to the designated account you filled in, and an E-mail will be sent to you to notify that the account settlement process has been completed.


How do I track the status of the order in Taiwan Island?

MyAccount / / Orders
Return status

Return progress

  • ※ Customers are entitled to RETURN (not exchange) the shoes ONCE within 7 days after picking up the parcel. Please note that the products should be maintained in original condition (with 2 dustbag and other accessories) when returning to D+AF.


After-sales service

• Defect/ wrong item(s) shipped

  • If the product is found to be incorrect or defective after receiving the package, please contact our customer service immediately, and we will proceed with the exchange as soon as possible.


  • Please be noticed that the leather of shoes with dark inner lining is made by dyeing. It's normal for slight color fading to occur under some circumstances such as high temperature, contact with moisture, and friction between the skin and the leather. We suggest wearing dark- colored socks to avoid staining.


• Product maintenance warranty

  • If the product is damaged due to non-human factors, we will provide free maintenance service within the first month. An additional maintenance fee and freight will be charged from the second month you receive the shoes. Please contact our customer service for more information.
    Please note that rhinestones, gems, rivets, and other decorations on the upper are processed details and can only be repaired but not exchanged or returned once the shoes have been worn.


  • Non-defective definition: Slight loose threads, overlapping stitching lines, glue residual, asymmetrical leather patterns, and odors in the shoes generated during the production process are all considered normal conditions that do not affect wear and do not considered as defects.


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