Delivery Info

Taiwan Delivery & Freight

  • Free delivery is applied on all areas within Taiwan main island.

Delivery time

• In-stock products

  • In-stock orders will be sent within 1~2 working days after the order is placed. In the event of promotional events or sale period, the shipping time might be postponed to 5~7 working days (Taiwan’s national holiday or weekends are excluded).

• Pre-order products

  • The pre-order time shown on D+AF website is the latest shipping date (if the order contains both in-stock and pre-ordered products, the shipping date will be based on the pre-order date and sent together).

Delivery method

  • The delivery time starts from the day the parcels are shipped (Any delays that caused by irresistible factors are excluded).

  • If the buyers select HeiMao Express/Takkyubin to deliver orders that contain both in-stock and pre-order products, the in-stock items will be sent to the buyers first, whereas the pre-ordered ones sent later after they become available.

  • If the buyers select convenient stores to pick-up the parcels that contain both in-stock and pre-order products, the shoes will be sent together based on the pre-order date.

• HeiMao Express/ Takkyubin

  • The parcel will be sent only to areas within Taiwan island in 1~2 working days (offshore islands are excluded).

  • ※ Please fill in the complete and accurate receiving address, post-office and EZ Post pick-up service are not provided.

• 7-11 Store Pick-up

  • The parcel will be sent to buyers in about 3~5 working days, including stores located in offshore islands.

  • ※ Due to the limit volume required to pick-up at 7-11, an order should only contain 2 pairs of shoes or 1 pair of ankle/sock boots. If you happened to purchase 2 pairs of ankle boots, please separate the order into two. Since knee-high boots may exceed the volume limit, 7-11 pick-up service will not be provided.

  • ※ Please note that if you fail to pick-up the parcels at 7-11 over 2 times, you will be banned from using it on the next purchase.

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Failure To Deliver

  • A failure to deliver may happen when the 7-11 stores that you selected to pick up are under store renovation, business suspension, overloading, etc. The 7-11 E-Tracking system will update the status online & send the direct message/link to your E-mail. You may need to select another 7-11 store within 48 hours after receiving the notification.

• How to re-select the pick-up store?

  • Please click on the provided link »»【Select another store】»»【Save change】.Once the modification is done, the parcel will then be re-shipped and you may receive it in 3-5 working days.

  • ※ Kindly note that your order will be returned to the logistic center and will not be re-delivered if the modification is not being put into action within 48 hours. Please place a new order again if you are still in need.

  • Please make sure that the 7-11 stores that you would like to select do provide the pick-up service. During the pre-order period, please contact our customer service within 48 hours to change the pick-up store if you happen to receive the notice. Please keep in mind that D+AF will not take any responsibilities if you do not complete the modification within the time limited that cause your parcel to be returned or failed to deliver.

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