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*give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.

  • Q1: How to acquire gift credits?
  • A: Through events on D+AF official website periodically. Please follow D+AF official Facebook, Instagram and LINE@ to get the latest updates.
  • Q2: Gift credit rules?
  • A:
    • 1 gift credit point=1 NTD (Gift credits CANNOT be cashed out).
    • The maximum discount is 20% off on a product (NOT out of an order subtotal and D+AF system shall allocate automatically).
    • Gift credit cannot be used with another discount/promotional event.
  • Q3: How to apply gift credits to my order?
  • A: Please choose 【Gift credits】at the checkout, the system will deduct discount amount.
  • Q4: How to check my remaining gift credits balance?
  • A: After logging in, go to【Member→Gift credits,】 you shall have full access to check your remaining gift credit balance, expiration date, and all the details.
  • Q5: Explanation on gift credit issue date/effective date/expiration date
  • A:

    【Issue date】

    The gift credits shall be issued into your member account within 4 days of completing an order eligible for the gift credit event (counts from the day in which an order has passed the 7-day return period or has completed the return process).

    【Effective date/expiration date】

    • Each batch of gift credit points could have different effective date/expiration date, and the effective/expiration date shall follow rules provided on the event description page.
    • D+AF system will automatically allocate gift credits to redeem at checkout. Gift credit points with the earliest expiration date will be redeemed first.
  • Q6: How will the redeemed gift credits from returned or canceled orders be reinstated?
  • A: Once the return process is completed, D+AF will reinstate the gift credit points. The gift credits are effective immediately once they have been reinstated. If the reinstated gift credits shall be expired by the time, we will extend the effective date for 7 more days.
    • D+AF reserves the right to modify or end the qualification or regulations for gift credit. Announcements for changes are to be made on our official website, and there will not be individual notices.